What time period would you choose?

Jayden Pohtos, Staff Reporter

Louis Cosgrove 12

“I’d definitely go back to the 1960s and 70s. There was peace and love and better music. If I could bring someone from then to now it would be Jimi Hendrix himself. One thing I’d bring back with me would be an iPhone to show off to people. Something I wish could change about this time period is the government it’s splitting up our countries.


Rasheed Baker 11

“ I want to go back to the 90s. Back then they had the best music. I think everything was more creative. There were better ideas. I wish the Rugrats would come back. It was the best show. If I could go back to the 1990s I’d bring my dignity.


Kris Davis 10

“ I would live in the future, year 3019. I want to see robots and be the first to fly a car. One thing I’d bring with me is the shoe Air Forces. In year 3019 tigers will be extinct and everything will be man made. We couldn’t have dollar bills just coins. We would be able to control everything like the weather. If could change one thing about this time period it would be abortion because I don’t like that and the stereotypes that people give other people.”


Ashley Green 12

“ I think I would go back to medieval times. I know it’s not very clean but I like the kings and queens. If I were to bring back something with me it would be a piece of information to help them in the future. Something I wish would change about this time period is the way people act towards each other and the way people dress. It’s like they have no pride or class.”


Mr. Farrell

“ The 1950s is where I would go. They have cool cars no cell phones or computers. If I could back then and bring something to this time it would be a 57 Chevy a brand new red one. Today, people are too rude and selfish that’s something that I wish I could change. If I lived back than and bring something with me from this time it would be my wife and kids. It would be pointless without them.”


Baylee Lowery 10

“ I’d definitely go to the 1960s there’s better music and I want to go to Woodstock. I wish The Beatles would come to this time period. The music, at least the “pop” genre, is awful. Everything is autotuned now.  If I could go I would bring my friends.”


Markeyah Neil 12

“ I would go back to the 90s. The 1990s had better clothes, TV shows, and parties. Everybody was friendly and the rap music was better. They actually made music about life. I wish nowadays we could have fun without the trouble. I would bring my family back with me. If I could change anything about this time period it would be the way people treat each other they’re mean for no reason.”