In the moment

Lara Hamdan, Editor-in-chief

There are always moments that surprise us. The impulse that comes with the spur of the moment can be scary, since natural reactions occur, but one’s true heroic ability can come out.

On Friday, April 5, an incident occurred outside of school doors that caught the attention of junior Mary Kate Raftery. On her way to advisement, Raftery noticed a lady dropping down to the ground outside. At first, Raftery was hesitant on who it was and what was happening. But then she noticed the lady, who was approximately in her 60s, raising a shaking arm followed by her whole body shaking. Raftery ran outside to find the lady on the ground with a lot of blood, as she busted her head when she fell.

Raftery immediately called for students to get a teacher. She called 911 and waited for the teachers. A substitute and Dr. Birch finally came out and handled the situation. EMTs had arrived and Raftery was interviewed since she was a key witness.

“She was a trooper and is exactly what we want all our students to be,” said junior principal Dr. Birch. “She was a role model in this situation and wanted to make sure that this situation would turn out OK.”

The lady was taken to the hospital and she’s known to be okay, despite this being her second seizure of the year. Raftery recalls the lady smiling at her as she was taken by the EMT, and that relieved Raftery since she had the feeling the lady would be alright.

Junior Cody Qualls was also with Mary Kate when the incident occurred. “I’m so proud of Mary Kate to be honest,” he said. “I wouldn’t have known what to do but she knew exactly what to do in this situation.”

While she knows what she did was brave, Raftery stays humble.

“I’m not a superhero, I’m me,” she said. “I’m proud of myself but don’t call me a hero, I just did the right thing to do at that moment.” She was recognized with a Catch a Rising Star Award and received a free Doozle’s ice cream.

“I just hope to see her again just to make sure she’s okay,” Raftery  said.