Ready, set, act


Sarah Eades, Photo Editor

10816After four years of learning lines, rehearsing and performing, the senior Thespians finally had their chance to direct their own short plays in the 2013 One Acts, hosted in the Little Theatre from April 18-20. It was a night of fun for the performers of all grade levels and the audience members.

Take Five

Co-directed by Candace Price and Crystal Spence, Take Five is more than just a One Act. It’s a comedic play within a play where everything goes wrong. While Alex, Sharon, and Gladys (played by A.J. Collins, Azaria Pearson and Brianna Brown), are in the middle of their own play production, three boys are stuck on stage. “Audience member” Greg, played by Cameron Price, is constantly getting phone calls from his mother about his car going into the river. Lester, played by Alex Johnson, is stuck behind a couch and casually ventures out to steal the set’s food. Mike, played by Michael Hodge, is dragged into the play as a replacement when the actor playing Bernard does not show up. The whole night is thrown into twists and turns as the men change the play’s plot.

Santa Man

Who says December is the only time to celebrate Christmas? In this One Act, co-directed by Chelsea Foster and Corinne Keller, Santa, played by Cameron Chalcraft, is put up against Christmas sales executives who are trying to sell products to kids that are against the meaning of Christmas, like Santarette cigarettes. If he refuses to go along with their terms, the executives will fight him with karate. Santa gets some help from his friend Chuck Norris and becomes superhero Santa Man. He is able to fight the executives and then goes to fight the other evils of Christmas, like Mr. Scrooge, the Grinch, Mr. Potter from “It’s a Wonderful Life,” and the kids that pick on Charlie Brown when he brings them the pitiful tree. In the end, Santa Man realizes that he cut their stories off short and he is the bad guy. But don’t worry. It’s still has a happy ending with all the children singing.

 A Teenage Love Affair:

Brittney Ellis and Courtney Brooks took inspiration from McCluer North and cliché high school romance movies to create their One Act, A Teenage Love Affair. A.T.L.A. is a play almost every teenager can relate to. Jacob, played by Jarris Williams, falls for the popular girl Kaycee, played by Ashlee Clacks. After a terrible breakup with her boyfriend Jason, played by Brendan Henley, Kaycee takes her chance with Jacob. However, it isn’t long before Jason decides she wants Kaycee back. Jacob and Jason duel and battle for fight for the girl of their dreams.