Searching for the same goal


Miche Woods, Staff Reporter

By: Miche Woods

Staff Reporter

Think starting a new school year is hard? Try starting a new school year in a whole new school district where you are already labeled because of where you come from.

“It‘s funny to me, I just joke back,” said Terelle Hinton who transferred to North from Normandy High School this school year. The stereotypes and labels do not bother Hinton because he knows what he is capable of.

The stereotypes heard in the hallways and classrooms at North upset Kaitlyn Gilmore however, who came to North as a sophomore from Riverview this year.

“I hear kids say oh she’s from Riverview, Riverview kids are dumb and it frustrates me.” Said Gilmore.

The Riverview Gardens and Normandy school districts are both currently working on meeting standards to get their accreditation back. While this process is taking place many families living in the Riverview and Normandy areas have decided to move into other areas with accredited districts.

“It’s upsetting, I probably would have stayed if they still had their accreditation.” said Hinton when asked his opinion on his opinion of Normandy no longer meeting their standards.

Being out of your comfort zone can be frustrating but the goal is to be as prepared as possible for the next step after high school and sometimes sacrifices have to be made to achieve any goal.

Gilmore takes the new actions of students moving out of the Riverview school district and the administrative staff now taking steps to meet standards as a surprise.

“We first lost accreditation in 2007 and now everything is so last minute. Why did they wait so late to make changes?” said Gilmore.

Ferguson-Florissant was chosen as one of the districts transferring student are going to. Hinton chose North because it was down the street from his new home.

“It‘s my last year so I don‘t mind spending it at North, I won’t be here long.” said Hinton

Gilmore chose North because her father lives in the area which would make North a smarter decision then trying to get to Kirkwood.

Leaving behind friends, familiar places and familiar ways can be a hard task but getting use to new ones can be even harder.

“Getting use to how crowded the hallways get and getting to class on time has been the biggest challenge so far,” said Hinton. “But I like North, the lunch is better and the teachers are better. They focus on everyone instead of just certain students.”

When asked if she would return to Riverview, Gilmore said, “Yes of course I like Riverview more because that is where I’m from and I miss my friends but North has friendly kids too.”

The objective of switching school districts is to get the best education possible. That is the goal of every student, transfer or not. All students are entitled to seeking the best schooling and should not be labeled because of where they come from.