The unofficial day of service

The unofficial day of service

Dr. Hopper, Principal

By: Dr. Hopper


Hopper_autolevelsThis last Wednesday (the 18th), McCluer North staff and students were very busy helping out the Florissant community. It makes me very proud to see our school community doing things without personal gain. That is what service is all about for others.

The day started off with our National Honor Society and Renaissance students working with Red Cross for our semester blood drive. They helped recruit donors and worked the entire process with our friends from Red Cross. Teacher sponsors Ms. Klamm, Ms. Schnettler, and Ms. Kane navigated behind the scenes to make sure it was a fluid process. I am proud to say that 66 units of blood were collected! Having previously worked in a hospital and being in the military, I know firsthand how every donor is very valuable. I want to thank all involved for their help in making this happen. It very well could be someone in our Florissant community whose life is saved due to their generosity.

After school, we pulled together in the community garden (located behind the building) to construct eight more garden bins, set up four new benches, and establish a place for our compost area. We received our second Gateway Greening Grant, thanks in large part to Ms. Hancock and Ms. King. We had approximately sixty students and adults working to add on to our existing garden. Mr. Bender brought the JV soccer team over to assist as well. We are creating something that will be of use to our school community for years to come! If interested, five bins are currently available. Contact Ms. Hancock at [email protected] if you would like to utilize your green thumb.

If you are reading this and have been on the sidelines, I say get involved. There is a place and interest for everyone at McCluer North. Hopefully, I see you at our next event!