Code Red Offers Options

Brittany Minor, Staff Reporter

By: Brittany Minor

Staff Reporter


Social studies teacher Mr. Michael Palmer is currently running a business by the name of Code Red, which is centered on the education of students in the field of computer sciences.  The goal is to get students prepped for a career that they can enter straight out of high school.

“I have twenty companies lined up to hire as many high school seniors as they can,” said Palmer.

In the field of computer sciences, college isn’t always a necessity. It is the lack of teaching of computer skills such as coding and designing that keeps students from getting the knowledge they need to head straight into a job. Code red was designed to change that.

Code red is a program formatted to teach students from grades 1 through 12 important skills in computer coding, computer sciences and entrepreneurship. I also gives those students who either don’t want to attend college or cant handle the challenges of college whether, mentally of financially, a chance at a high paying career.

“We are able to slide our product into any existing math, science, or computer science course which is a pretty big achievement,” said Palmer

It helps incorporate these important technical skills into everyday classroom lessons.

Palmer’s company is growing at an impressive rate with the 50k in Arch Grants and 20k in additional grants. They are currently on their way to breaking 500k in revenue sometime next year. With the recent increase in student entrepreneurship here, Palmer is hoping to make sure they start off headed in the right direction.

“If you want to be an entrepreneur you have to be comfortable with failing and being told no a lot. The pushers are the ones that win in the end,” said Palmer, who completed this interview in the midst of sending out sales pitches while on bed rest after spinal surgery.