Mystery of the wet paper towels


Azaria Peason, Design Editor

By: Azaria Peason

Design Editor



When previous nurse Charity Nolan transferred to an ER in Belleville, a new nurse position opened up at our school. Now six months later, Tiara Boles is tending to the students here at North and enjoying every minute of it.




Azaria Pearson: So, where are you from?

Nurse Boles: I’m from Saint Anthony’s Medical Center.

AP: I mean place, where did you grow up?

NB: I originate from St. Louis. [Laughs]

AP: When did you decide you wanted to become a nurse?

NB: I’ve always wanted to be a nurse.

AP: Really? Why?

NB: Because it’s fun, I like taking care of people.

AP: I was just surprised because you thought it was fun.

NB: Well, I originally wanted to be a doctor but I wanted a family and that would be tough[to handle].

AP: So do you know a lot of other nurses? Does it run in the family?

NB: My mother’s a nurse. I have two aunts and a uncle that are CNA’s (Certified Nursing Assistants) and I have an aunt who was a massage therapist.

AP: So… I have a very important question to ask you.

NB: Okay.

AP: What is up with the wet paper towels?

NB: Where are the real ice packs?

AP: Where are the real packs? Why do you guys give us these soggy paper towels?

Ms. Batisto: Umm, I can honestly tell you that the reason why you guys don’t get little baggies full of ice is because… years before they used to give out baggies of ice for injuries or headaches or whatever and (students) would open up the bag, take the ice out and either (A) chew it or (B) throw it at each other.

AP: By the time we get back to class they’re just like soggy and wet and “eew.” I don’t think it helps anybody. People make jokes that the ice packs cure everything.

NB: We say the same thing. The ice packs cure everything because half the time you guys come in requesting them.[Laughs] So they’re not too bad.

AP: How long have you been a nurse?

NB: Going on three years. This is the first time I’ve ever been a school nurse.[Laughs]

AP: How are you liking it compared to your other experiences?

NB: It’s a… it’s way different.

AP: Is that a good thing?

NB: I like it, I like both jobs but this is different. I like the hours, it’s closer to home and students make me laugh with the things you come in here with. It’s not as intense. (compared to working in intensive care units at hospitals.) Every day was an exciting day.

AP: I’m sure it was.

NB: You guys make me laugh, you’re very entertaining.