Planning for a better future


Miche-Ala Woods, Staff Reporter

By Miche-Ala Woods

Staff Reporter

JAG Group photo2McCluer North is one of the lucky high schools that are able to offer many different activities, organizations, programs and classes. Almost any club you can think of North has it or something similar. The school offers so many programs that you may not get a chance to hear about them all such as the JAG program, which is a class offered here at North and taught by Mr. Griffin and Ms. Harvey.

JAG or Jobs for America’s Graduates, is a national program designed to help students transition from high school to the work field without getting discouraged. The program also works to decrease the country’s drop-out rate.

“JAG is helping us figure out what we want to do and preparing us for life,” said JAG student Courtney Griffith.

Students learn work force etiquette, how to apply for jobs and make resumes.  The program also includes inducting a president, vice president, secretary and sub vices. The sub vices are in charge of community service acts, school activities, field trips and guest speakers that talk about their career. The officials were inducted during a ceremony held on November 7, 2013 at Flo Valley.

“Our guest speakers are a big part of JAG because it is important for the students to see a real person that struggled and made it so they know they can do it too,” said Mr. Griffin.

Like any program or activity, it is more beneficial if the teacher or sponsor is understandable and approachable. The students in the JAG program say that Mr. Griffin is a very cool and enthusiastic teacher.

“The way he teaches makes me want to listen,” said Courtney Griffith.