Brilliant future ahead


Azaria Pearson, Design editor

By: Azaria Pearson

Design editor


Brittany SpivaBrittany Spiva has been a North Star throughout her entire high school life. From volleyball to Pom team to Senior Committee, she has done it all. She has been recognized for multiple awards and honors and has already been accepted into college at Stephans College in Columbia, MO.

“I’ve been working hard since freshman year,” said Spiva.

Spiva started out in sports when she made the volleyball team but started to gravitate more towards performing where she found a home on our schools Pom team. She even participated in a number of school theatrical productions onstage and backstage.

Recently Spiva was accepted into her dream school. After visiting and speaking with admissions officials from Stephens College at a college fair it was only a matter of time before her acceptance letter arrived.

“It feels amazing I went through a lot, at first they didn’t have my transcripts but they found the email a week later,” said Spiva.

Brittany took the initiative the moment she stepped into McCluer North and now her future looks brighter than ever with graduation right around the corner.

During the spring, Spiva ran for the 2013 Valley of Flowers Queen making it all the way to court during which she got to meet the mayor of Florissant Thomas P. Schneider.

“Out of 15 candidates, I was selected as ‘special maid’ of the queen court consisting of 4 other young ladies,” said Spiva.

The accolades don’t stop there. Due to her position as Pom team captain, Spiva was invited by the Universal Dance Association (UDA) to perform in the New York Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for this year. Spiva has been a dancer since she was middle school.

“Performing is just a skill, a quality that I have. It’s just a passion of mine, but business is what I really want to have a career in,” said Spiva.

Spiva has recently become a member of DECA, an organization that prepares her for the future she wants in business. She wants to work in the business side of the fashion industry and has already taken her first steps towards success.

“Applying to colleges is a hard process and you gotta just keep telling yourself that you can do it,” said Spiva.

Looking back at her high school experience, Brittany is positive that she will leave a great impact when she leaves.

“I want to be seen as someone who was really involved with the community, I think everyone should get out try new things and put yourself out there because you never know where it can take you.”