Aspiring artist


Hannah Goodman, Staff Reporter

By Hannah Goodman

Staff Reporter

Moore2 copySenior Nicole Moore was featured in the Humenagerie art show at the Soulard Art Market in January for her interesting sculpture titled “Phil the Llaman.”
This piece features a combination of a human and a llama.
The Humenagerie is an art show featuring high school and community college students’ sculptures.
The sculpture Moore created was originally a project assigned to her in her ceramics class last semester by Mr. Robbins.
“Mr. Robbins told us that there would be a human object show, but I didn’t really think he would pick mine when it was done,” Moore said.
Mr. Robbins liked Moore’s piece and chose to enter her sculpture into the show.
“I thought [the sculpture] was awesome, it was funny, it was well done, she had a whole story behind it,” Robbins said. “It was creative to combine a llama and a human together to create an English gentleman drinking tea.”
Moore did not expect the recognition she received for “Phil the Llaman.”
“I just expected to get a grade, show a few teachers, and then take it home,” Moore said.
The unique piece resembles something out of a fairytale with a humanlike llama sporting a monocle and top hat, holding a cup in one hand and a book in the other.
“We had to be very creative since it was an imaginative piece,” Moore said. “My inspiration came from two YouTube stars, AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire.
Despite her wonderful sculpture, Moore wishes to follow a career in graphic design.