McCoy hearing set for Feb. 24


Miche-Ala Woods, Staff Reporter

By Miche-Ala Woods

Staff Reporter

superintendentWith questions still unanswered and superintendent Dr. Art McCoy still on administrative leave since Nov 6, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education initiated an investigation for more information. The conclusions from the investigation led to another vote by the Board of Education, which ended with the same results, 6-1. The majority vote was to continue to terminate McCoy’s contract for cause.

“This was a very difficult decision, but one that we believe is in the best interests of our students, parents and community,” said Mr. Paul T. Morris, President of the Board of Education, in a letter released in early December.

While McCoy has been on leave, Mr. Larry Larrew has been acting as superintendent.

Jana Shortt, Director of Communications and Marketing for the school district, explained that Larrew was chosen to take the role because he acted as superintendent whenever McCoy was out of the office for meetings or other responsibilities.

In honor of the contract McCoy has with the school district, he is entitled to a hearing with an attorney. As of now the hearing will be closed to the public and held on Feb. 24.

If the outcome of the hearing does terminate McCoy’s contract, the school district’s obligations to pay salary and benefits to him will be lifted.

“The Board of Education is responsible for the selection of a new superintendent. We do not have a timeline on how long that [process] might take,” said Shortt.

In part of his closing statements Morris said, “We recognize and are grateful for Dr. McCoy’s contribution to our students since becoming superintendent. Unfortunately, we find it necessary to take this action at this time.”