Anime Club Continues to Grow


Jayden Pohtos, Staff Reporter

The anime club is bigger than ever with more than 80 students involved









By: Jayden Pohtos/Staff Reporter

“We’re all outcasts who found a place to be outcasts together,” said freshman Kayla Burrows.
She couldn’t have said it better. Being in a club means meeting with a group of people who have the same interest as you. Here at North, there are more than 80 students who get together every week for anime club. This club is the largest club at McCluer North.
Every Wednesday from 2:30-3:30, the students meet in the club advisor’s room, Mr. Palmer.  In that short hour, they have so much can happen.
For those who don’t know what anime is, it’s a style of Japanese film and television animation.
In one room, some gather to watch their favorite anime show on the projector. In the room next door some are battling it out in a game of Yu-Gi-Oh, some are drawing anime in sketchpads or on the white board. In another corner, there are a group of students dancing together and another group playing an anime video game.
There is so much diversity in this club and they’re all there for the same thing.
“This club is about getting people together and expressing yourself,” said sophomore Matthew Morrill.
Anime club is open to any and everyone. If you lack knowledge of anime don’t fear because there are plenty of students who are willing to help you out.
Junior Steven Lewis who loves watching anime and recommends it to anyone.
“It’s awesome and intense to watch,” said Lewis.
Sophomore Quentin Gibbons draws anime masterpieces and has been drawing for 10 years. He’s even willing to give drawing lessons to those who are interested in drawing anime.
Burrows is into cosplay.  Cosplay is dressing up as a character from a show, book, movie, video game mainly from a manga or anime genre. Burrows has been doing cosplay for about four years.
Each person in the anime club has a different talent and they have the opportunity to come together and share a passion.