Jenifer Lewis Inspires Thespians


Kiana Harvey, Staff Reporter

By Kiana Harvey/Staff Reportejenlewr

Actress Jenifer Lewis motivates performing arts students

There are many ways celebrities can come to their hometown and give back to their community. Whether it be volunteering, donating to charity, or even just giving away keys to success, stars from St. Louis are always coming back to contribute in some way.
One of St. Louis’ very own, Jenifer Lewis, recently came to North and spoke with all of the dedicated performing arts students in November. Her childhood and rise to success were the main subjects.
Jenifer Lewis is a professional movie/television/stage actress and singer who was born and raised by a single mother in Kinloch, Missouri.
Because her mother didn’t want many people to know her family’s struggles, she worked several jobs to keep them off of welfare. Although Lewis’ mother was busy with work, she still made sure her children were taken care of.
Throughout her speech, Lewis made clear to the students that nothing can stop them from succeeding if they’re passionate, dedicated, and disciplined.
She also mentioned several obstacles in her life that she had to overcome as motivation to the students. At a point in time Lewis suffered from a mental disorder. She stated that she wouldn’t be where she was today if she had never overcame it.
“She also talked about the Mike Brown situation,” senior Toni Walker said.
“And she let us know that ‘we matter’.”
Lewis reminded them to stay focused in their own paths so situations such as Mike Brown’s won’t happen to them.
The young actors were highly motivated from the talk they had with Ms. Lewis.
“One thing that will stick with me from this experience is when she quoted ‘the elevator to success is broken; take the stairs,’ Senior Kayla Strong said. “I learned that no matter how hard life gets, keep pursuing my dream and my final goal until I reach it.”
“There are no limitations to what you want to accomplish in life,” Walker said.
“If you have multiple passions you can pursue them all.”