One More Light

Chester Bennington’s family makes light out of his death


Wikimedia Commons

Michael Redden, Staff Reporter

The members of the band Linkin Park have opened up on their feelings from their lead singer’s death. The band added to their website,, a letter to their 41-year-old singer, expressing their heartbreak and grief. On July 20th, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park took his life. Bands across the spectrum performed tributes for the singer, some bands covering Linkin Park’s song from their latest album of the same title “One More Light”. The song speaks upon losing someone the singer truly cares for when no one else does.

During the creation of the song, “One of the our friends who worked for the label passed away. [Amy Zaret] got cancer and it was, like, really, really fast,” Mike Shinoda, a band member of Linkin Park, said in an interview with Genius, the band then sung the song to mourn its late member. 30 Seconds to Mars, Coldplay, Machine Gun Kelly and Motionless In White paid tribute to Bennington to mourn his death. Other artists include Rihanna, Chance the Rapper and Avril Lavigne.

Bennington was 41 when he committed suicide, and had a successful career as a musician.

As a father, he has six children spanning the course of two marriages and three relationships. He grew up in an abusive environment, being physically bullied at school and dealing with the aftermath of his parents divorce when he was just 11-years-old. At this age, he began abusing different forms of drugs. From ages seven to 13-years-old, Bennington was abused by an older male.  At the age of 17, he moved in with his mother, who confined him to her house after finding out of his drug abuse. The collective forms of abuse and frustrations lead him to act out. As a coping method, he would draw pictures or write poems and songs. All the rage he collected, fueled by drug addiction, on top of the death of his close friend, Chris Cornell, whom passed away from a similar cause a month prior to Bennington’s, lead him to his final moments.

A month after Chester Bennington’s death, his family chose to start up a charity for prevention of suicide. The family is afraid that fans of Bennington or Chris Cornell, would “glorify or somehow honor their deaths by doing the same,” according to TMZ, and are “also worried troubled people may view this as an appropriate way out.”

The Bennington family’s main goal is to make sure people enduring the same situation that Chester Bennington have loved ones around them. They also wish to raise awareness of suicide to ensure these people are receiving the necessary care. The family feels that Chester Bennington’s “biggest downfall was being alone, especially in his final moments.” The family’s greatest concern is making sure no fan of Bennington’s views suicide as an easy escape for troubled people. They simply wants these people to seek the help they need and be surrounded by loved ones, if they need.