Behind the Badge

Cool facts about school officer Officer Bennett


Ian Obst

Officer Bennett talks to freshman principal Dr. Eye during their lunch shift

Zach Stevens, Staff Reporter

Q: Where did you attend college?
A: Attended the University of Missouri (Mizzou).

Q: What did you do during your time at Mizzou and what was your major?
A: During his time at Mizzou, he played football for the Tigers and was a double major, receiving a degree in Criminal Justice and Criminal Psychology.

Q: What was your post undergraduate life right and what are your future plans?
A: He recently just received a masters degree in Criminal Psychology and is planning to start working for his doctorate in the next year.

Q: Why do you enjoy coming to work here at McCluer North everyday?
A: He says his favorite part about getting to come to work at McCluer North everyday is because of all the kids, “The kids are a joy to work with…they are here to strive.”