Hero of the Day

Husband frees wife in labor

Rosetta Sampson, Staff Reporter

On September 11, 2017, a couple in suburban Atlanta gave birth to two healthy baby boys. But, the story of what happened is truly amazing.

Heather Yavaliollah was inside her home, with her husband, Mehrvarz Yavaliollah, when a tree had fallen and blocked the front door, resulting from the storm Hurricane Irma. She, then, went into labor. That is when her husband sprang into action.

He ran to the shed, grabbed a chainsaw from under some outdoor furniture and began cutting at the tree. “[My] wonderful neighbors saw and helped. [I’m] so very thankful to them,” said Mehrvarz Yavaliollah.

With the path cleared, the Yavaliollahs headed to the hospital, only to have their truck stalled. Eventually, they were able to get to Piedmont Hospital and gave birth to Stuart and Solomon Yavaliollah.

The twin boys arrived on month before their due date. “[My boys are] sweet little angels, so Irma had no indication of their behavior,” said Heather Yavaliollah.