Raising the steaks

By Kamau Miller, Staff Reporter

On Saturday Aug 25, the girls tennis team hosted a breakfast at LongHorn Steakhouse in an effort to raise money for uniforms. This was the third year the team hosted the breakfast.

“Mr. Smith (the athletic director) and the manager at LongHorn were talking and brainstormed this idea to help out in a way LongHorn and the tennis team can give back and save people money,” said girls tennis coach Mr. Noel.

The economy has been rough on everyone and this year and the school has had to make budget cuts so the tennis team and other sports teams have had to find other ways to receive funding.

“My goals are to make sure that no family has to pay out of their pocket (for uniforms),” Mr. Noel said.  “Year after year there are budget cuts and the economy is rough and it’s kind of like killing two birds with one stone.”

Members of the girls team are the ones who waited tables for all of the people who came out to the breakfast but for many of them it wasn’t their first time waiting tables.

“It is really hectic, but it brings the team together because it helps us communicate better,” said Corinne Keller. “I really like it.”

McCluer North isn’t the only one benefiting from this because canned foods and non-perishable items were being collected to donate to the Florissant Food Pantry.

The cooks at LongHorn are also giving back because they are working off the clock for no pay.

Mr. Noel greeted customers as they walked in to the restaurant while still talking to his team members to make sure that everything working all right. The wore their teams shirts filled out orders, carried trays of food and tried to do everything with efficiency.

“Waiting tables was a lot quicker last year, but this year I get a better chance to bond with the customers,” Libby Christian said.

Overall, this LongHorn breakfast was an opportunity for LongHorn and its employees to give back, the girls tennis team to raise money for their uniforms and to collect cans for charity all of them just efforts to give back and save families money.