Hole in one

Timothy Sutton, Staff Reporter


North’s girls golf team completed its fall season with an impressive 8-2 record while sending Emmanuelle Breeland to districts and building off a great year the previous season.

The team finished with an 8-2 record under Coach Straatmann and Mahon. This marked the second consecutive year with a winning record. They were 4-2 record last year, which was the first winning season in women’s golf history for the Stars.

The quality of the program has improved since it was founded in 2008. Mr. Mahon formed the golf team and had five girls on the team in 2008. That team won no matches. After the debut season, the girls record has steadily increased each season.

Seniors Emmanuelle Breeland and Alexis Gonzalez helped lead this team as both players made it to district play, which features some of the top golfers from the area.

Breeland finished two strokes from advancing to sectionals. That is an impressive feat because of the quality of competition they faced.

“I felt like I did pretty well but I feel I could’ve done better,” said Emmanuelle of her 2012 season.

Gonzalez made it to the second chance play while trying for sectionals. She was also joined by Cindy Pope, Ashley Green and Virginia Perry.

Even though this team has been impressive this year, they still needed help. Most of the girls turned to Mr. Mahon and Ms. Straatmann.

“Mr. Mahon would always give us drills to practice at home,” said Gonzalez.

The girls golf team managed to pull off another spectacular year en route to the 8-2 record. They continue to excel with a nine girl team even though only six can play on match day.