In her foot steps

Brandon Woods, Staff Reporter


Following in the footsteps of her older sister, Samantha Jones, freshman Aly Jones plans to relive the dreams that her sister once had, which was to make varsity basketball, soccer, and softball all four years of her high school career.

Jones knows that she will have to do all that it takes to make this dream come true. She says she will do it by doing a lot of conditioning before each season of the sport, and by looking up to her sister as well.

“I look up to my sister, because she made varsity soccer, basketball and softball all four years, and that is my main goal,” said Jones.

Samantha Jones was a former student here at North. Although she is off to college now, attending Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) the many sports accomplishments that she made will never be forgotten. Aly is hoping to do the same. Although Aly has a love for all three sports, she admits that basketball is her favorite.

“I like basketball more, because it is very hype and exciting,” she said.

Jones has been playing each sport since she was 5 years old. She spent much her childhood playing basketball with Team Adidas and playing softball with the St. Louis Crush softball team. She believes that these teams have made her the excellent player she is now.

Considering the fact that she has made great accomplishments and it’s only her freshman year, she puts a lot inspiration on some of the students here at North. Freshman Lauryn Hudson is one of these students.

Jones and Hudson are best friends as well as teammates. The two have been best friends for two years now, and all has been great.

After all that Jones has accomplished, Hudson says that she motivates her when it comes to sports.

“Aly really motivates me to work very hard,” said Hudson.

Just like Jones, she too has been playing softball and basketball for quite some time. She has been playing softball since she was 7 and basketball since she was 9.

As a team player, Jones fits right in with the rest of the varsity girls, according to senior Markeyah Neil. In some cases, when a freshman starts on a varsity with a sport, it might seem as if they would mess of the vibe of the varsity squad. That’s not the case with Jones however.

“She wasn’t one of those scared freshmen coming to a new team,” Neil said.

Neil is one of the seniors on the varsity girls’ basketball team, so that means she will be leaving soon. Although she will, she believes that Jones will do a good job at leading the team. Neil says that she has been asking her for help throughout the team practices and games, and also, she has been working very hard.

“As long as she communicates and keep getting better, she will be a threat to her opponents,” said Neil.

Neil says that Jones was quite a bit nervous in the first couple games of the season, but she believes that as time goes on, she will slowly get all of the nervousness out of her system.

Not only is Jones a beast on the court and the softball field, but she is also an astounding student. She is maintaining good grades, and she stays out of trouble as well. Often times, one will find her cracking a jokes with her friends, or walking down the hallway with a smile on her face.