Safety concerns cause mandatory changes


Mickael Vurro, Staff Reporter

After coming back from a peaceful spring break, when you step in the main gym in the annex the roof has been replaced. With the roof having water damage and not having any renovation done to it in a long time it was a job that had to be done.

“We have been waiting for about 10 years for this job to be done,” Said athletic director Mr. Smith. There was a time last year where the basketball team was having a game and a piece of the roof fell and hit one of the players. That is a safety concern according to the periodic inspections that take place in the building. Another reason why it had to be done was because of the way it looked. Having other schools come in and see the roof year after year gives them a judgmental mindset.

“It looked like a mattress and smelled like Styrofoam” said junior, Desean Root.  He first noticed the roof has changed by the smell and sight of the new ceiling.

“The Ferguson-Florissant School Distract covered the cost of the repairs,” said Dr. Hopper. The estimated cost of the roof was about $50,000 dollars. The reason why it was so expensive was not only just the size of the roof but the fabric they used. The fabric in the new roof is designed to trap water damage but if it does get through they can take out a panel and replace it by sections. Another thing they did to improve the lifetime of the roof is to use more nails to give the roof more stability.