Best friends for life

Kaylah McClellan, Sports editor

Senior year is a fistful of memories but also a fistful of tears.  You leave a place where you’ve been for four years, some leave a family they’ve known their whole lives and most leave friends they have made here at North.

There are two lucky seniors who get to enjoy each other’s company a little bit longer. Senior tennis players Chelsea Foster and Corrine Keller have both signed to play at Webster University.

Being best friends since their first year of high school, they never really thought about the chance of them leaving each other.

“We met freshman year in choir class but tennis is what really made us close,” said Corrine Keller. “She was the first friend I met when I moved here.”

They both tried out for tennis and have been playing together since. Playing very well and being very competitive attracted Webster University’s tennis coach.

“We are both very competitive, so playing doubles together is great,” said Chelsea Foster. “That’s how our new coach first saw us playing.”

Foster and Keller didn’t get the full ride they wanted, but they fell in love with the campus community.

“Webster made us feel like we were at home,” said Foster.