Champion is crowned


Taylor “Chief” Martin, Staff Reporter

On April 29th, the first annual Ninja Cup Ping Pong Tournament took place in the main gym. Fourteen men and women battled it out for the top spot and the chance to say that they are the best ping pong player at McCluer North.

The double-elimination tournament featured many of the regular lunch-time players, so there was tough competition. The top five seeds were Tommy Gibbons, Mr. Lapinski, Logan Battiste, Gary Duvall and Mr. Hall. Players had to win two of three games in a match to advance. Most of the opening round games went 2-0. One of most tense early matches was between Mr. Hall and senior Gary Duvall as they both wanted to make it into the Final Four.  But in the end Gary had beat Hall.

The Final Four featured Lapinski, Gibbons, Logan Battiste and Michael Hodge. And as predicted, the legendary rivalry between Lapinski vs. Gibbons started a new chapter with them as the final two.

After the battle was complete, Tommy stood on top as the new champion, leaving Lapinski in ruins.