New star recruits

New star recruits

Brittany Minor, Staff Reporter

By: Brittany Minor

Staff Reporter

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McCluer North has built a long history of athletic achievement that deeply reflects the effort of both student athletes and their coaches. This year, the freshmen have done their part by boosting numbers and providing confidence in the future of school athletics.

“There was an increase so much we had to buy more helmets,” said freshman football coach Mr. Dowling.

For the football players, from camp in July to the beginning of tryouts in August, the freshman football team has picked up 30 student athletes.  Of course football is used to larger numbers than some other teams.  However, some of the other programs have also seen a spike in numbers including girls volleyball.

“There was a definite increase, over 70 girls tried out,” said Coach Kern. The thought that the large number of transfers increased the turnout was quickly dismissed with the realization that over half of those who tried out were freshman.

“We saw about 30 to 45 freshmen try out,” said Kern. Although volleyball is usually a very popular fall sport, the numbers were very encouraging.

Freshmen aren’t stopping there. Amongst the teams whose tryouts were dominated by incoming freshman is softball whose junior varsity team is predominately freshmen.

Boys swim featured seven new freshmen out of the 13 new athletes on the team, which is great increase compared to last year.  Coach Braswell sees plenty of potential among them all.

“They’re all going to be good at some point…whether this year or next year,” said Braswell.

Tennis also saw a good amount of freshmen, and Coach Bonner finds a different blessing amongst the numbers of freshmen.  With the team consisting of no seniors, there is no worry of losing members to graduation at the end of this year. This means more focus is put on the athletes, like the freshmen, who have plenty of time to improve, and their team goals for the season.

“I’m expecting us to go undefeated in our conference for the second year in a row, and to possibly beat teams outside our conference,” said Bonner, who has the utmost confidence in her athletes.

Not all teams were as lucky in the field of recruits. Cross country only has two freshmen on their team of about 20 student athletes. At the same time, boys soccer whose tryout numbers were already down, had only eight freshmen try out. Even with these numbers, varsity is still expected to perform while JV continues to develop.

Freshman athletics are the first step in the development in many varsity level athletes. Coaches take the teams seriously and work hard to prepare the freshmen for what to come as the move up.