Experience tops youth

Mickael Vurro, Staff Reporter

By: Mickael Vurro 

Staff Reporter 

One of the most anticipated events that has happened during the school year is the student versus faculty basketball game, where you think the students would have the advantage. But not this year.

Just like last year, the staff beat the students with a final score of 54-40. You can say that experience was the only advantage the teachers had over the students.

“We had a much bigger turnout from last year’s attendance with about 800 students in attendance,” said event organizer Mr. Noel. Another good thing that benefited from the increased student attendance was the amount of can goods donated. Approximately 150 can goods were donated and from the ticket sales alone, the amount raised was $1,300.

“All of the money that was raised at the basketball went to Project Graduation, scholarships, and PTG meetings,” said Dr. Hopper. The cheerleaders also did a good job during halftime keeping the crowd entertained. For the most part, the game was one sided with the teachers being able to hold off the students.

“Dr. Hopper hitting two back-to-back 3-point shots was my favorite part of the game,” said Mr. Polk. When Polk was in high school, he played on varsity and in college (at Saint Louis University) he was a point guard.

Polk agrees that the students always put up a good challenge, but the staff was ready for them. This was Polk’s fifth game against the students and he plans on continuing to play in the following years to come.

End score:

Faculty 54 – Students 40