Students lose to Faculty…again


Justin Nelson, Staff Reporter














By: Justin Nelson/Staff Reporter

Staff Defeats students for second year in a row

On Nov. 7, McCluer North hosted its annual student faculty basketball game. Non-winter sport athletes can participate in the fun game and give the crowd a show.
The teachers won the game yet again 31-27, which gives the teachers a two-game winning streak. The last student victory was in 2012. The teachers have a 14-3 record over the students.


Most of the money raised at the game was for Project Graduation for the class of 2015.
“We fundraised between $1,200 and $1,300 dollars,” said Mr. Noel.
The game had an intense atmosphere.
Senior Francis Basosila enjoyed his last faculty game.
“It was a fun experience, the teachers fouled us a lot, but I played well and I was proud of myself,” Basosila said.
Mr. Bender was a leading scorer for the teachers.
“The game makes a rivalry with students and it gives you something to talk to them about at school,” Bender said.
This year there was a great teacher turnout in which more teachers participated than in previous years.
Patrick Duncan, a senior, played his final faculty game against the teachers.
“I played alright. I had two big buckets, but got fouled.”
In the halftime dance contest, Mr. Hall’s 5-year-old daughter Samantha won the cash prize.