Changing It Up

Hannah Maxedon, Staff Reporter

The varsity football team went through many changes in the season. They gained a new coach, made history by adding females to the team, and had a “real change of heart” as Coach Brown says.

Everything has to change at sometime, and this season was that time for the football team. “I think we have improved so much,” says Brown. He says that the team has not had the the best record ever, but Brown says that the young men and women have grown a lot on the inside. Sophomore, Lance Lang agrees. “We started our season out a little rough, but we got better as we continued and got to know each other,” Lang said. The team recognized their flaws and started working toward improvement.

“We’re still working on things like when we disagree on a call, but the team has gotten a lot better,” says Coach Brown. The team has also gotten better at communicating with each other “We’ve put in more effort and we were more successful because as a team we worked well together,” said junior, Christian Partee.

For the first time in McCluer North history, there are females on the football team. “Having the girls on the football team has been absolutely fantastic. They are not just a little gimmick; they do not do it for the attention. The sisters are both great athletes and serious football players. Maggie and Kira are not just kickers, they do all of the same drills and conditioning that the rest of the team has to do,” says Coach Brown. The other players also love having the McGrellis sisters. “Having the girls has been really cool. We treated them well and protected them like our own sisters. All of the guys had a lot of respect for them,” said Lang.

The team has already made so many improvements and they are not finished yet.  They will continue to better themselves in future seasons. Coach Brown says, “We always have room to improve, but we love getting out there and showing our star pride!”