MLS Stadium Denied by Voters

Major League Soccer stadium proposal voted down by voters in St. Louis

Zach Stevens, Staff Reporter

Many soccer fans around the St. Louis area woke up with a broken heart as voters in St. Louis City voted down the tax increase for the proposed soccer stadium for a Major League Soccer expansion team in downtown St. Louis. The vote ended in a tight race with 52.8 percent of the vote against the tax hike. The expansion had many noticeable names backing the proposition, including Taylor Twellman, a former MLS star and St. Louis University High School graduate, and MLS commissioner Don Garber, who had pretty much promised the city of St. Louis an expansion spot if the proposition had passed for the building of the downtown stadium. Rather than voting in favor of the stadium, voters did vote in favor for more funding for a MetroLink expansion to North and South St. Louis county, as well as housing grants and other important public services throughout the city.

“For many years we have believed that St. Louis would be a tremendous market for a Major League Soccer team, but the lack of a positive stadium vote is clearly a significant setback for the city’s expansion opportunity and a loss for the community,” stated MLS commissioner Don Garber after hearing news of the voters denying the stadium proposal.

“We deeply appreciate the efforts of Paul Edgerley, Jim Kavanaugh and their partners to bring Major League soccer to St. Louis. They were focused on creating a plan that benefited the community at no cost to St. Louis residents while bringing the fastest growing professional league in North America to the region,” said commissioner Garber in his statement.

This was definitely a major heart breaker for the city of St. Louis. Just hours after the stadium was voted down, local St. Louis resident Cody Codes Steffen started a GoFundMe page to try and raise the proper amount of money needed to build the stadium downtown. Steffen states on his website that he hopes he can “raise the amount needed”, or all of the donors will be refunded of their donations.