Batting for a Cause

Texas native MLB player gives back to his home state in a time of despair

Marie Foster, Staff Reporter

First baseman of the St. Louis Cardinals, Matt Carpenter may be giving a whole new love to baseball by donating $10,000 for every home run hit.

To many families in Texas right now, he is helping aide in the disasters. When Carpenter heard about the devastation going on in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, he knew he had to help.

“My wife and I called the Houston area home for most of our lives and our hearts are hurting for those families affected by Hurricane Harvey,” Carpenter stated on Twitter.  

To many victims of this deadly natural disaster, he is not the only one promising to make a difference in victims’ lives. Celebrities such as J.J Watt, a rookie basketball player from the Rockets named Chris Paul, the Rockets’ owner Leslie Alexander and Houston native, Boston Celtics Gerald Green, have all donated money to aid Hurricane victims.

Carpenter hit two home runs since his pledge to donate, one was hit the next day. To date, he has raised $20,000, but he may hit a roadblock. Carpenter is out on a shoulder injury indefinitely. Although his teammates are also stepping up to the plate. The Cardinals’ are matching Carpenters $10,000 donation for every home run hit from now until the end of the season.

“If you’re looking to donate check this out,” Carpenter said in a tweet on his Twitter homepage. Carpenter is on a good road to a good cause, putting his “money where his bat is,” as MSN Sports states.