Fight of the Century

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor face off in one of the most viewed fights of all time

Zach Stevens, Staff Reporter

On August 26th, Conor McGregor faced off against Floyd (Money) Mayweather in the fight of the century in T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Nevada.

A little more 6.5 million people payed the $99 fee to watch the epic fight on Pay-Per View. And if anyone wanted a front row seat to the action, it would have cost you a whopping $16,000 dollars to attend. Mayweather defeated McGregor in the 10th round via “Technical Knockout” in what is said to be “The biggest fight in combat sports history,” according to CBS Sports.

Pay-Per View received over $700 million dollars in revenue from viewers of the fight. Since this fight was very highly talked about, there are mixed opinions about what viewers thought about fight.

McGregor is usually a Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) fighter, so this fight was his first actual boxing match, and to his dismay, it was against the best boxer in the world, who has never lost. Many people didn’t think McGregor belonged in the fight of the century.

Freshman Guy(Danny) DeMarco said, “The fight was alright I guess, because McGregor didn’t really know how to fight, or box yet. And Mayweather already had 49 fights in, so he was way ahead of him.”

When DeMarco was asked if McGregor should continue boxing, he said “Not box no, but MMA is his type, and he should keep doing MMA fights, he shouldn’t stick to boxing.”

Yet, senior Chris Harrison disagreed with DeMarco.

He said, “I feel like McGregor put up a really good fight for his first time, but he played the stupid card because he got tired early by trying to throw in all these haymakers. And then Mayweather just wore him out, you could see that.”

Although when Harrison was asked if he thinks McGregor should continue boxing, he said “I feel like he could, like if he has more training and kinda added more strategy to it, he would’ve won.” Harrison also went on to say, “You could see he was dead tired and you could see he hit a roadblock towards the end of the fight.” During the last two rounds, Mayweather almost doubled the amount of hits that McGregor had.