Get in the Game

Fall sports get into the swing of the new season

Mackenzie Cosentino, Staff Reporter

Varsity Volleyball

The Lady Stars started off their season on August 10th with the annual Jamboree. This year they played McCluer South Berkley and Hazelwood East, winning against both teams. “It’s been a rocky start but practice makes perfect” said senior Adrien Smith. The first away game was vs Ritenour with a 0-2 loss. The first home game was a win with a final game of 2-1 vs Father McGivney. They have also played and won against University City and Hazelwood East with a final score of 2-0. The ladies are setting up for the season ahead with a record of 3-2.  


Varsity Tennis

The ladies have started the season off strong with a record of 6-1. The Stars first away game was against Ritenour with an ending winning game of 9-0. Their first home game was vs Hazelwood West with a winning game of 7-2. The Stars first loss was vs Incarnate Word Academy ending with a 7-2 game. “The season is going great so far, we have beaten everyone in our conference, so I can say that we have a great chance at a back to back league and district titles” said senior Navone Armstrong. The Lady Stars have also won against McCluer, University City, Hazelwood East, and Hazelwood Central.


Varsity Football

The Stars have started off the year with a lot of support from Navy Nightmare. Their first home game was vs Jefferson City resulting in a losing score of 0-47. “Growth is a process. You go backwards, you gain, you lose, you cry, it hurts, but you keep trying” senior Munajj Shahid. They have also loss to McCluer South Berkley and Parkway South with final scores of 0-44 and 0-17. Although the boys have yet to win a game they  are getting geared up for the season ahead.


Varsity Soccer

The boys have have started off their season with a 0-3 record. Although the stars have yet to have a home game they have had a couple away games. “I think this year the season has had a hectic start for us but we are seeing progress and coming together to become a strong team” said junior Natnial Gerbu. Their first game was vs Kirkwood with a score of 0-10. The second game was vs Westminster Christian Academy with a score of 0-10. They have also played North Tech with a score of 4-3. They Stars got their first win vs Hazelwood East with a score of 7-0. The season is starting pick up for the boys.


Varsity Softball

The ladies have started off the season with a 4-5 record. Their first game was a tournament vs Cleveland Academy, McCluer South Berkeley, Metro, where they won two games and lost one of them. “The season started out rough but we’re quickly learning how to work together, and how to play to everyone’s strengths and weaknesses”, said junior Brianna Schwan. The best score they have gotten so far was vs Hazelwood East with a winning score of 19-4. The lady stars are all revved up for the season to come.  


Varsity Swimming

The boys started off the season with the annual MN relays. Where Cyrus Riddle, junior, Alexander McDowell, freshman, Nick Harrison, senior, and Aaron Folkner, senior, won third place medals in the 400 backstroke relay. “The season has had a great start, there has been some ups and downs but that is expected” said junior Cyrus Riddle. The stars first swim meet was an away meet vs Hazelwood East with a winning score of 90-47. Their second meet was a home meet vs Hazelwood West with a sore loss of 48-119. Although the Stars team is on the small size this year they are still determined to have a great season.


Varsity Cross Country

The boys and girls of the co-ed team have started out the season with much success. Their first and only home meet was August 26th vs multiple opponents. In this race sophomore Paige Folkner got 1st place, In second was junior Rebecca Schaljo, and in third was junior Kayla Perry. For the guys in first place was sophomore Cetris Ivy, in second was freshman Donovan Williams, and in third was sophomore Romel Logan. “I think it’s gonna be a great season because we’ve been doing so well and it can only get better from here” said Rebecca Schaljo. The stars are confidently heading into the rest of the season.


Varsity Golf

The lady stars started off the season vs Fort Zumwalt East at St. Peters Golf Course.  junior Katelyn Kindle lead the stars with a 59, but they feel with a score of 258-229. “Right now the season is going very well and I think it is going to improbable as the season goes on” said junior Genevieve Brinkmier. The ladies also had a strong showing at the Lindbergh Tournament where they placed 7th overall. The girls caught their first win vs Afton with a score of 193-203. As the Stars have more and more matches they get stronger as the year goes on.