Signatures to Success

Senior athletes sign to join future college programs


McCluer North High School

(L-R) Dexter Swims, Radford Beasley, and Henry Woods make their commitments on National Signing Day.

Lynnya Simmons, Staff Reporter

Three senior baseball players were able to finalize their futures on November 8th with colleges who were interested in the following athletes. Radford Beasley, Henry “Tommy” Woods and Dexter Swims have been teammates for years with the Rawlings Tigers, and were able to share many experiences with each other. Playing with each other for years, the boys grew very close with one another. As far as college, the three athletes will be far from each other and will begin new chapters in their lives.

Woods will be attending Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri and will be playing Division 1 baseball with the Bears. Woods explain that he is very grateful for the chance to play with the team.

“I was scouted my junior year. They saw my great games, my worst games, and my in between games. I could not control who came to my games or how I played but I could control the effort, team leadership, and motivation I had in the game.”

Tommy’s big personality on the field is what gained the attention of the coaches as he always works hard and showed coaches his genuine passion towards baseball.

“Just be yourself. Uplift your teammates, be coachable, work hard, do what you’re suppose to in the classroom, be loud and show excitement to play the game. You want to always hustle because you never know who is watching,” advice from Woods.

Radford Beasley will be traveling the farthest out of the group as he will be attending Coffeyville Community College to continue his academic and baseball career. Radford was scouted last summer in Joplin, Missouri while playing with the Rawlings Tigers.

“It was the last game of the summer with my summer select team and the Coffeyville coaches liked what I showcased. I was happy to hear that they liked my performance that game.” Radford is happy to be attending the school in Kansas.

“My mom wasn’t so happy with my choice of going to a school 5 hours away” Beasley explained with a laugh.

Radford’s not the only one who is moving far away from his parents. Dexter is going to be playing baseball at Missouri Southern State University next fall. Commuting 4 hours away from his parents to Joplin, Missouri. He was scouted just this past spring.

“It was a dream for me to play college baseball and those dreams came true when I signed the NLI. I am grateful for all of the people who supported me and my dream.”

All three of the boys will be playing one last time together next spring for the McCluer North Varsity Baseball team.