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I’m Nadiyah Dowery, I’m in 11th grade and this will be my first semester in yearbook/newspaper. I am an over under achiever, I strive for the best but I settle when things get hard. I can be weird and have an unbelievable amount energy or I can be dull when I feel uncomfortable. I have curly hair that is hard to tame, and runs free around my head or sometimes straight if I don’t feel like doing my hair. I am very bold and I try to spread my positivity around as much as possible. Spreading positivity is one of my main goals in life, I could be stressed out and ready to pull my hair out, but I would still try to encourage you the best way as possible.

Nadiyah Dowery, Staff Reporter

Jan 22, 2018
Dirty Dining: Are Bugs for Dinner? (Story)