Free of charge

By Brandon Woods
A free opportunity to take the ACT is something that all high school students would jump to grasp. The Ferguson-Florissant School District will be giving the ACT to juniors on April 23. All juniors who are present on that day will be required to take the test.
Beginning next year, the state of Missouri will require all high schools to proctor an ACT test date for juniors. This test date is required to be scheduled during the spring semester of the school year and there are no fees associated with the test. Ferguson-Florissant and a few other districts decided to get an early start by giving the test this year.
According to guidance counselor Dr. Lewis, the state wants high school juniors to take this test because it will become another way for schools to earn accreditation points. They also want to ensure that students who are college bound are given an opportunity to take the test.
Dr. Lewis is very supportive of this decision.
“It will give students a baseline of where they are on the test and what they need to focus on to achieve a better score,” Dr. Lewis said.
The test will only be given to juniors because it is believed that junior year is the best year to take the test. A junior has most of the knowledge needed to perform well on the math section of the test. It also allows for some time for students to better score their senior year.
On April 23, all North juniors who are in attendance will be required to take the test. There will be various teachers from around the building that will proctor the test in rooms on the third floor.
Plans have been made for the seniors, sophomores and freshmen for that day. According to Dr. Lewis, the seniors will go on an educational field trip and there will be an educational assembly held for freshmen and sophomores.
ACT prep teachers Ms. Kappauff and Ms. Hall have already begun prepping their students for this test.
They have geared their curriculum towards maximizing the scores for the students who have already taken the test, and they have been preparing those students who haven’t taken it yet.
Both teachers believe that it was a great idea for the state to mandate this decision. They truly believe that this will benefit many students and the school.
“It’s great because they are able to take it for free,” Ms. Kappauff said.
Ms. Hall shares the same feeling.
“It may provide an opportunity for a student that he or she never knew or thought could be available,” she said.
Juniors Ashlee Clacks and Ashante Tilman are very anxious about taking this test, mainly because they haven’t taken it yet.
Clacks was already planning to take the ACT in April, and knowing that she will be able to take it for free makes her feel very good about taking it.
“I feel relieved knowing that I will be able to take the test for free,” she said.
Clacks admits that she will try her best so she is able to see where she is at with the test and so she can improve upon the score that she receives. She is planning for her composite score to be good enough to be accepted into most colleges.
Tilman on the other hand was planning to take the December ACT, but unfortunately she missed the registration deadline. However, she is excited about taking this test because she would have had to pay to take the test before, whereas this time she is able to take it for free.
“I’m kind of glad that I did miss the deadline,” she said.
Tilman says being able to take the test for free motivates her to try her best because not everyone is given the opportunity.
From her help through ACT prep, Tilman strongly believes that her composite score will be above average.