Back to the arena

Back to the arena

Graduation over headBy Miche-Ala Woods
Staff Reporter

What caused the switch?

With the push to save money, the Ferguson-
Florissant School District originally planned for the 2014 graduation for all three high schools to be on the schools’ football fields.
After further investigation, a conclusion was reached that having the ceremonies at the St. Charles Family Arena or on the football fields would have about the same cost.
The school board decided to take a vote on the location of the graduation and the results led to holding it back at the Arena like in previous years seeing that it is a nicer location. With this change, graduation will still be held on May 18th. McCluer North’s graduation will be first at 1 p.m. and each senior will receive 10 tickets.


“That place is huge. You can bring more family and you have more of a spotlight with such a huge crowd. All eyes are on you.”
Nick Kuper

“Having graduation outside would be a traditional graduation like in the movies. I’m okay with having graduation at the arena but it won’t be personal. It’s kind of just a system now.”
Samantha Boschert

“The football field is symbolic. You went here, you should graduate on your grounds. Plus it’s new. I was only concerned with the weather. The arena has an empty feeling. I’m still looking forward to graduation though.”
Caylin Macomber