By Azaria Pearson
Design Editor

IMG_4829Poetry club gives students a voice

The new and steadily growing poetry club here at North has had a tough time getting organized with all of the snow days, but that isn’t stopping founder and advisor of the club Ms. Hobin from continuing on with it. The suggestion of this club was brought to her attention in one of her creative writing classes.
“Some students showed some interest [in forming the club] after watching a poetry slam documentary,” Ms. Hobin said.
Every Wednesday participants meet in the library and with each passing day more people join, though some aren’t as committed due to scheduling difficulties. Everyone then shares a poem of their own writing to the group followed by constructive criticism and discussion.
Senior Latina Simms, who has been writing poetry since elementary school, thought it was only right to join the club.
“I used to write just simple rhyming stuff like Dr. Seuss and then it started getting deeper in middle school and high school when you start learning lessons and experiencing things,” said Simms.
One of the advantages of writing poetry is that there is no wrong way to do it, and the more you write, the better at it you get.
Earlier this year, Ms. Hobin got in contact with a non-profit organization that’s working with the club to help them create a poetry slam team and mentor young writers. Representatives from their organization, Urban Artist Alliance for Child Development (UrbArts), came to the school and demonstrated to the club what a poetry slam was.
“They were very outspoken and not shy at all. They could just spit poems out of the top of their heads.” said Simms.
One representative in particular stood out to fellow club goer senior Darrell Cooper. Cooper is an aspiring artist who makes music. He joined poetry club in order to strengthen his skills as a rapper so that his audience can connect more with him.
“I liked her [representative] so much because when she said her poetry it was like you could feel it. When I say poetry, I’m so focused on trying to rap that I can’t get my emotions across. She taught me that there’s a difference between a poet and a rapper,.” said Cooper
Both Simms and Cooper have learned a lot during the few meetings with the club about their fellow peers here and about themselves and how they can better their writing skills. Poetry Club is a good way to get to know people and get a different perspective on the world through unexpected voices.