Substantial shutdown


Popular bookstore closes doors at Cross Keys


By Daniel Brown
Web Editor
It is typical that we cannot fully know what we have until it is gone. The experiences we had at our favorite hangout area in our past can go unappreciated until we realize that there is no return to such a place.
Several stores in the local Florissant area have faced the threat of closing down, a couple already terminated. For instance, the Barnes and Noble on Lindbergh Boulevard closed its door Feb. 28, surfacing a great deal of unrest in our community. The Shoppes at Cross Keys has been a famous hang out spot for many teenagers for some time now, but this could soon change with the problems businesses are facing now.
“It is really bad that Barnes and Noble had to shut down on us,” freshman Daylanya Kelly said.
Technology has brought many bookstores across America to its knees. Anyone who wants to read a novel or magazine can get access to all the material they want with a tablet or smartphone with ease. Barnes and Noble previously announced that they will close 15-20 stores a year over the next 10 years.
Without the income businesses of a particular area generate, various plazas and strip malls cannot keep up with maintenance funding to keep it looking updated. If an area was once a hub of social interaction and ends up losing funds, their appearance will start to experience deterioration that will further harm their business performance.
“That general area is starting to look run down,” junior Rachel Miller said. “I agree with the idea that the Shoppes at Cross Keys is turning into another Jamestown Mall.”
Even though it is important, the true tragedy behind this occurrence lies beyond personal inconveniences. Such an event also means former employees are losing their source of income and the city loses some of their tourism money.
The newly opened restaurant White Barn had to shut down almost two years into business. From April 9th 2010 to January 28th of 2012, this small Florissant burger eatery shocked the area with their cheap, homemade cheeseburgers and large array of other food items. Since it has been shut down, it has been converted into a hot dog joint, then switched back to a Rally’s fast food shop.
For the sake of progress, certain aspects of any business may need to be adjusted or cut off altogether. Times are changing, and American businesses attempt to adapt to this ever-transforming generation.