Young techies


Students get involved in their technological passion


By Daniel Brown
Web Editor
Technology is an ever-growing industry. Adaptations and revisions to previous models seem to never end. Computer engineering, software construction and other technological development are emerging careers in the USA and around the world.
At McCluer North, Mr. Esposito has recently started a computer club. In the T-Lab after school on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, students can show off their technological expertise and share their creative input while also working with something they are all passionate about.
“We want to encourage the idea of production rather than consumption,” Mr. Esposito said. “This is purely an idea driven, creative environment for the member of Genius Hour.”
The Genius Hour, as they’re now known, is open to anyone interested in computer coding, programming, graphic design, game design, network engineering, mining bit coins, making music, publishing poems/stories and any other technological pursuit.
“To join, you have to get a hold of Mr. Esposito through Twitter and he’ll send you a sample link where you’ll have to figure out what the link is and what the video is telling you,” junior Haley Gibbons said.
Solving this first step of the puzzle will get you accepted into the club, but after passing this far in the routine, further tests are initiated until the student earns their mask.”
Learning skills is always beneficial, especially when it deals with an area in your interest group. In the genius hour, there is a wide range of hackers, programmers and coders who are eager to present their knowledge.
“It isn’t all about computers here,” Mr. Esposito said. “We are involved in the arts, music and digital shorts.”
The Genius Hour meets every day after school except Wednesday and Friday in the terrace-level lab. Anyone who is a techie or who has watched the IT Crowd, is welcome to be a part of the club. However, if they wish to become a masked member they must show off their skills in a tangible product.
“One possible outcome of this club is enabling students to provide the school with level one technical support,” Mr. Esposito said. “This is based on the Genius Bar at all apple stores.” Stop by room 2120 if you are interested.