Musical Achievements



By Daniel Brown
Web Editor


No matter what your special talent may be, there is typically never a time where we don’t want to shine forth and present our efforts and hard work to the world. McCluer North’s fine arts department pulled together quite the outstanding results at this year’s solo and ensemble festival. Some students became eligible for state-wide competition against other schools around Missouri.  In the musical side of the fine arts realm, each section features some of the best talent our district has to offer. Here is a look at who was involved and what the results were this semester.


Division 1 Rating
Individual Performances
Cameron Gallagher, bass clarinet
Adam Van Pelt, trombone

Division 2 Rating
Individual Performances
Zack Tatar, Jacob Evans, Madi Costa, Joshua Tyler, Dylan Switcher
Taryn Farley

Division 2 Rating
Courtney Bacon saxophone trio
(Courtney Bacon, Aaris Adams, and Casey Teague)


Division 1 Rating
Individual Performances
David Brown, cello solo
David Bump, viola solo
William Bump, viola solo
Meredith Grames, violin solo
Division 1 Rating
Cain String Quartet
(Corinne Cain, Trevaughn Latimer,
Melissa Henniger, and David Brown)
Grames String Quartet
(Meredith Grames, Carrie Moore, Alex Stewart, and Sean Blackwell)
Jones trio
(Jayda Jones, David Bump and Sean Blackwell)
Division 2 Rating – Individual Performances
Corinne Cain, violin solo
Alexander Jackson, viola solo
Division 2 Rating – Ensembles
William Bump and David Brown, viola/cello duo
Courtney Lucas and Asia Pearson, violin duo
Carrie Moore and Alex Stewart, violin duo


Division 1 Rating
Individual Performances
Melvin Bozeman
Ben Schultz
Jessica Stone
Chritsen Davis
Leah Sutherlin
Marq Williams
Deonte Bobo
Ian Brinkley

Division 1 Rating – Ensembles
Mixed double quartet
(Clair Dudenhoeffer, Ally Mullins, Dana Corbin, Larhea  Martin, Theo Triplett, Ian Brinkley, Melvin
Bozemand, and Stephan Andrews)
Men’s ensemble
Alex Johnson, Marq Williams, Garret Walker, Ben Schultz, Ryan Batisto, Stephan Mcintyre, and Deonte Bobo)
Division 2 Rating –
Individual Performances
Aiyana Coleman-Taylor, Larhea Martin, Alex Johnson
Monet Britts, Theo Triplett, Samantha Koester, Cortez Murray, Laryn Grant, Stephan Mcintyre, Claire Dudenhoeffer, Alexandria Phifer