Taking the show away


By Kiana Harvey
Staff Reporter

talent-showExcitement was flying in the air about the talent show that was held as a fundraiser to support project graduation for seniors. Performing in front of a large crowd for the first time, dancers Brionna Underwood, Diamond Donaldson, Jayme Allred, Kierrica Chambers and Raino Murphy (BDJKR) entered the competition with a lot of confidence.
“I have no fears; I’m pretty confident and ready to win,” Kierrica said.
The group lived up to their expectations by winning the crowd vote.
Although the majority of the group was built up with confidence and security, there was one group member that still had a few doubts.
“I’m scared to dance in front of people,” Jayme said. “If I mess up, then people are going to laugh. But I still had confidence in our performance.”
BDJKR performed a combination of their latest songs and dances that reflect their personalities.
Performing to “D-Lo Shuffle”, “Hold Up Sho Nuff”, and “Turnt Way”, they planned to take the show away.
They rehearsed their routine about three times a week for several hours. They recorded their act, find what needs to be fixed and practiced until they got it right.
“We choreographed it ourselves and practiced the routine super hard,” Brionna said.
“We’re so excited to dance in the talent show,” Diamond said. “We have great stage presence and energy.”

Talent Show Highlights:
Crowd’s Choice Winner- BDJKR
(Brionna Underwood, Diamond Donaldson, Jayme Allred, Kierrica Chambers, and
Raino Murphy)
Judge’s Choice Winner- Maurice Wallace