Talented and Ambitious

MarQ Williams’ musical journey and the magic behind his mic

By Trelisa Harris
Staff Reporter

Passion is the uttermost desire for something and everyone has one. For senior MarQ Williams, his passion is music. From dancing to singing and everything in between, he has had this passion since he was 5 years old. As time goes on, it’s only getting stronger.
“It gives me this feeling that nothing else can,” says Williams. He’s exclusively known for his enchanting voice, but Williams has many other talents, such as dancing and playing instruments:  the guitar, drums, piano, saxophone, and violin.
Music gives Williams an outlet. When he’s down, he writes and composes music. It’s a way he can express himself and relieve stress at the same time. He can even reach out to others with his music.
He uses his talents to entertain. It allows him to meet new people and gives him the thrill of being on stage.
“All of those things helped me improve and move up in music. If I don’t do this now, how would I know what’s next?”
Even though Williams has been entertaining since childhood, his nerves still get to him.
“It seems like when I was younger my nerves didn’t bother me, but as I got older, I don’t know what happened.”
Every Monday, he takes voice lessons. Williams believes that anyone can learn how to do anything, as long you practice. However, in some cases you are born with that talent.
His dream is to become a big time music composer at the symphony halls, which is one of the reasons he started opera and classical music.
“I want to make it to a level where I can sit comfortably with no worries, wealth wise,” Williams said. In 10 years, he wants to be “close to on top.”
But much more prevalent, Williams wants to audition for The Voice. He believes his unique voice and humbleness will intrigue the judges.
“My character will set me apart from others,” Williams says.
He believes that auditioning for The Voice gives him a better chance. “It’s actually for singers,” Williams says. But he’s also doing it for exposure.
“How will I live my dream if I give up now?”
His ambition derives from doubters, one of which is his father. He receives inspiration from his aunt and a young man that is akin to a brother. And he’s doing it for his mother.
From those mentors, Williams has learned that hard work pays off.
Williams has produced many songs and works with other talented young men.  A group song has even been played during passing period which proves that his fans come from all over.
Senior Joseph Leflore, Williams’ right-hand man, is also infatuated with his music.
“It’s beautiful and I love it,” Leflore says, who also started at 5 years old. When he isn’t working, they meet up and practice. They even give each other pointers on vocals.
“He never gives up and is easy to work with because we have the same goals and same love for music. Our minds together create great ideas.”
“Ride or die,” Williams calls him.
Williams definitely has his share of talents. He believes music is infinite. It’s unlike sports or anything else for that matter. “There are no boundaries.”