Final Days


Four long term staff members say goodbye

By Brandon Woods



Ms. Howard


Strongly believing that her duty as a teacher has been completed, social studies teacher Ms. Howard will be retiring in May.
“Thirty-two more days!,” she said excitedly on April 12th.
Ms. Howard admits that she wanted to be a teacher because she always loved school. Her former high school teachers instilled the love for school and teaching in her.
“After having them as teachers, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher.”
From the moment she began teaching 33 years ago, there has not been another occupation that Ms. Howard could see herself in.
“I can’t see myself doing anything else,” she said.
Ms. Howard has taught at both the high school and college level. Twenty eight of those years were taught at North. After retiring, she is planning to travel a lot, relax, and perhaps even move to Florida. She is also thinking about going to teach at a junior college part time.

Ms. Kane


For the past 29 1/2 years, teaching has been nothing but fun for physical systems teacher Ms. Kane.
All of Ms. Kane’s years of teaching were taught here at North.
“I’ve never taught anywhere else,” she said.
Ms. Kane chose the teaching lifestyle mainly because she believed that she could make a difference in students lives.
“I really like kids,” she said.
Ms. Kane was also influenced by her grandmother and aunt to become a teacher. They were teachers also.
Before teaching physical systems, Ms. Kane taught biology. She admits that she likes physical systems much better because it is more hands on.
“I can make it much more real for my students,” she said.
After she retires, Ms. Kane plans to babysit her grandchildren and volunteer in the district, doing whatever they need her to do.

Ms. Schreck


After 16 hardworking years in the Ferguson-Florissant School District, school registrar Ms. Schreck has announced she will be retiring.
Before becoming a registrar, Ms. Schreck never saw herself fulfilling this occupation. As a child she dreamed of being a beautician. She also worked for Emerson Electric for 22 years.
“It was a major change for me,” she said.
As a registrar, Ms. Schreck handles all of the student record files, making sure that they are up to date. She is also responsible for sending out transcripts whenever they are requested.
“It may sound like a boring job, but it’s actually quite fun,” she said.
After retirement, Ms. Schreck says that she is planning to enjoy the next chapter in her life.

Ms. Bird


Eager to start a new phase in her life, fashion design teacher Ms. Bird has decided to retire at the conclusion of the school year.
Ms. Bird has been teaching for 30 years and 15 of those years were spent a North.
She developed the love for teaching at the age of 8. She says she enjoyed playing school with her neighborhood friends and her siblings.
“I always enjoyed being the teacher,” she said.
Ms. Bird had three great aunts who were all teachers and she would use their resources to play school as a child.
Following her retirement, Ms. Bird plans to spend more time with her five grandchildren, riding her bike and learning how to play the guitar.