Learning the market

Learning the market

entrepeneurshipEntrepreneurs persuade students to win prizes

By Mickael Vurro
Staff Reporter

Students in the entrepreneurship class had the opportunity to work in groups or on their own with a simple goal to make as much profit as they can by getting students to participate in there activities using various activities like carnival games or raffle tickets to win prizes. Each student or group had a $25 budget to buy prizes and supplies for their project.

“Students were learning about how to pick a business towards a target market, by adjusting the price and using marketing strategies,” said business teacher Mr. Lapinski. “The rules were unlimited as to what they could do as long as they did not buy candy as one of the prizes.”
Students who participated in the activity were allowed to keep the profit that they made from the project.

“We used balloons as a carnival game for students to participate in,” said senior Courtney Lucas. “The more balloons they popped with a dart the better the prize.”

Lucas and her group learned that it was hard at first to get students to participate because they had to pay a slightly higher price at first. When they found a decent price, they were able to make a small profit.

“From this project, I learned that gaining customers to buy your things is incredibly hard,” said senior Nick Taylor. “Once you get customers to buy your products, you can start making your profit.”

Taylor and his group used a raffle to get customers to win prizes by chance. Each ticket was sold for a dollar and after a certain amount of tickets winners could choose between sports gear and college gear.