Dreams Gone Wrong


Miche-Ala Woods, Staff Reporter

Prom is a very special time in a girl’s life. They spend forever planning every inch of detail to ensure the perfection of their event.
Starting at a young age, girls begin to pick out dream hairstyles, make-up choices and dresses. When the time comes for their important day, they want to be prepared and they want it to meet all of their expectations. What most girls do not prepare for however is the chance of error.
Seniors Erika Fletcher and Kaelyn West both experienced their prom plans being snatched away from them when they fall into the trap of dress scams.
“I found the dress I wanted on fabpartydresses.com but when I went to order the dress I accidentally went to fabpartydress.com,” said Fletcher. She ordered her dress on Feb. 16th for a total of $206 and by April had still not heard anything back. Beginning to get worried, Fletcher sent an email to the company on April 6th; she didn’t receive a response until April 9th.
“It (the email) was from a Lucy Wang and it was in broken English saying the dress has just been shipped and should be here soon,” said Fletcher.
Eventually, she did receive the dress on April 14th but it was not what she ordered. Unhappy, she contacted the company again and they told her they could send $35 back to her for her to keep the dress for a different event.
“I spent a whole day looking for a new dress with no luck,” said Fletcher, “I’ll probably order a new dress from a website I trust and know.”
On top of the stress of not having a dress for prom, Fletcher also needed to protect her bank account from the company. Her bank helped her file a dispute in case the company tried to take out more money.
Unlike Erika, the company Kaelyn is dealing with will not contact her back.
“I found my dress on celebritydresses.com but I wanted to find it cheaper,” said West. Like most savvy shoppers, West turned to google to find other sites that sell the dress. She came across aliexpress.com; they had the dress for $100. It only took a week to process her order and it shipped in two days. To West’s surprise, the dress looked like a cheap knock off version of the dress she saw online.
“I didn’t know what to do,” said West, “It put me in a set back money wise.”
Fortunately for West she was able to find a new dress at a boutique here in St. Louis.