Prom at Gatsby’s


Jennifer Fowler, Editor-in-Cheif

Prom. Expectations. Excitement. Exuberance. Upperclassman can hardly wait for that date in May, when the weather is warm and the sunset falls beautifully as the camera flashes again and again. Seniors are decked out in satin gowns with fresh acrylic nails, smelling like newly purchased fragrances.
It’s a whirlwind of a night, but not without to meticulous planning of the Junior Committee. Compiled by gym teacher Ms. Bell, eight juniors have pulled together a “Great Gatsby” themed prom, complete with feather plumes and pearl accents. The colors are white, silver, and light pink, elegant and appropriately reminiscent of the 1920’s.
“We have very elegant centerpieces with floating candles. I’ll walk into prom and see a huge dance floor, a chocolate fountain in the corner, and a lot of pink,” said Jackie Gamma, who had fun being part of prom committee.
She’s going to make sure to take many pictures in her navy blue dress, in front of a Rolls Royce backdrop for pictures.
“Planning prom went so well,” Gamma said. “Everyone was mostly on the same page. We didn’t argue much. We went on a field trip that was really cool.”
Prom committee went on a field trip in February to pick out table centerpieces, colors and taste food at the Renaissance Hotel.
“The food tasting was nice. We even got vegetarian options,” Gamma said.
The girls decided on chicken strips, diced tomato crescents, toasted ravioli, a fruit and vegetable tray and pita chips with hummus.
“I think everyone will really like it. I just hope everything goes as planned.”
As for Anahi Aviles, another addition to the committee, she feels the dance won’t be too girly.
“It’ll have a sense of femininity and a lot of nostalgia. It’ll look really nice,” the junior gushed.
She thinks the decor will look fancy, but not too over the top. She loved picking out all the details.
“I’ve never really planned anything before, but I wanted prom to be nice for the seniors.”
Her favorite part of the field trip was the food tasting, as the committee tasted several finger foods along with samples from a chocolate fountain at the Renaissance Hotel.
Aviles is also annoyed at the fact that other schools are having “Great Gatsby” theme, but is hopeful North’s prom will be the best.
“I hope that it’s nice and we have good music. It’s gonna be crackin’!” she said.
The orchestrator of the entire event, Ms.Bell, is a seasoned veteran when it comes to the big night.
“The theme makes this prom more different than any other. It’s more of a throwback theme,” Bell said.
She assures prom will be beautiful and sophisticated, staying true to the 20’s theme.
“I definitely want a wow factor when people walk in.”
Bell doesn’t want people to think of prom as a dance in the gym. She wants it to be different than any other dance students have attended.
“It’ll be very cohesive,” she said. “The plumes and jewels will stand out the most in the room. It will look very elegant.”
Although she is sure prom will be a hit, Bell knows she can’t please everyone. She believes that the night is what you make of it.
“Prom is for you to make your own fun, and that isn’t dependent on the theme.”