Excelling through academia


Brandon Woods, Editor-in-Cheif

Melissa-HHenniger represents the qualities of a star student

By Brandon Woods/Editor-In-Cheif

A schedule full of honors classes has been the norm for senior Melissa Henniger ever since she walked through North’s doors her freshman year. Going from being ranked as No. 1 in the senior class and receiving a composite score of 34 on the ACT, to qualifying as a finalist for National Merit Scholarship Corporation, there has been nothing but success for Henniger when it comes to academics.
It turns out that Henniger has always been a star student. Being able to maintain straight A’s has been a way of life for her throughout her years of schooling. The only time she ever received a B was in fifth grade.
“I would freak out if I ever got a B,” Henniger said.
Most people would think that in order for her to perform as well as she does in her classes, she would spend a lot of time studying, but according to her, she doesn’t.
“I only study when I need to, which is usually in the class before,” Henniger said.
After high school, Henniger is planning on going to either Iowa State University, Purdue University in Indiana, or McGill University in Canada to pursue a major that will allow her to be her to be a dietitian or thrive in a profession that deals with space life sciences.
“The school that I choose will depend on who offers the most money,” she said.
As a friend, she happens to be one of the best to senior Ayesha Wahidi. The two of them have been best friends since fifth grade. Whenever you see Henniger in the hallways, you will more than likely see Wahidi walking right next to her.
“She’s like a sister to me,” Wahidi said.
When it comes to schoolwork, Wahidi says that Henniger does a great job with helping her understand concepts.
“She’s very determined and positive,” Wahidi said.
As a student in the classroom, her character is a clear reflection of her amazing high GPA. One will always catch her being attentive and taking notes even when she isn’t required to do so. According to Spanish teacher Ms. Meitz, Henniger works really well independently and does a lot self-reflection.
“Whenever she asks a question, it is one of those high-end questions,” Meitz said. “You can tell that she did a lot of thinking before asking the questions that she asks.”
Aside from academics, Henniger is a year-round swimmer that has been swimming since her freshmen year. She is on the swim team here at North.
“I swim a lot,” she said.