Teachers welcome new additions


Trelisa Harris, Staff Reporter

By Trelisa Harris/Staff Reporter

Ms. Meer meerhad her 6 lbs. 13 oz. baby on Oct. 30 at one minute past noon, a day before her estimated due date.
She named her baby girl Lillian Sophia.
During her pregnancy, Meer experienced difficulties with simple tasks.
“It wasn’t too bad. Mostly just bending over to pick things up. It was not fun.”
Her students were surprisingly and overwhelmingly nice to her.
“They didn’t like me picking things up and seeing me be mistreated.”
Meer looked forward to holding her 19 1/2 inch baby for the first time. Meer now has her bundle of joy, but doesn’t like having to leave teaching.
“I have really good kids this year and I’m disappointed I have to leave.”


At 32 weeks, Ms. Hanks-Bibiggsggs was anticipating her unknown gender child.
“I was really conflicted about whether I should know the gender but my husband decided he didn’t want to.”
Her students are excited, her freshmen still clueless.
Her due date was December 10th.
“I’m really excited to have a baby near Christmas and celebrating it with her.”
Hanks-Biggs and her husband could not agree on a name, when their baby was born in early november they finally decided Georgianna Noel Hanks.
“I will miss having a purpose everyday. I don’t know if I’m ready for this change.”
She wouldn’t mind having more children.
“We would love to adopt more children.”



On November 29th, Ms. Putnam is expecting her second child, a little girl. She has not decided on a name yet, though.
Putnam experiences difficulty standing on her feet for long periods while teaching.
“I’m trying to remember to sit down from time to time.”
Putnam says her students are excited.
“They’re a little bit nicer when I’m pregnant.”
Since she will be gone during Christmas Break, she will only be out for 6 weeks.
“I don’t imagine I will have a chance to miss too much about school. Of course I will miss the students and my colleagues.”


Dr. Metropoulos had her baby boy, Giovanni Giorgio at 5:55 a.m. on Oct. 8th. It is her first child. Her son is named after her father-in-law because in Greek tradition, the first son is named after the paternal grandfather.
“I’m happy with him, but I wouldn’t mind having another one. Only time will tell.”
During pregnancy, Metropoulos experienced difficulties with picking things up and tying her shoes.
“I’m grateful I have such a fantastic husband who helped with whatever I needed.”
She is looking forward to big moments like starting and graduating from school and college, hearing “Mom” and “Dad” for the first time, learning how to walk, and reading books together.