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My Ideal Yearbook

Students express possible qualities for the 2017-2018 school yearbook

Mackenzie Cosentino, Staff Reporter

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Mackenzie Cosentino
Senior Karin Hounshell would like to see a dark blue book with silver lettering. Hounshell said, “Lots of fall sport coverage and senior quotes would be cool.”

Mackenzie Cosentino
Junior Bryce Ashford wants to see a yearbook full of holo and school pride. Ashford said, “[I]imagine that the yearbook would be Holo; it makes everything better.”

Mackenzie Cosentino
Sophmore Cassasndra Childrey imagines the cover to be blue with white stars outlined in gold. “I want a lot of sports coverage, especially for the volleyball team,” said Childrey.

Mackenzie Cosentino
Freshman Jahnara Bentley percives her ideal yearbook as one that has a blue cover with silver sparkles. “I also would like to see a good amount of coverage for Navy Nightmare,” said Bentley.

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